donderdag 12 maart 2009

Gekopieerd van het blog van Special Memories.

Ik zag het onderstaande op het blog van Special Memories.Dus het lijkt me leuk als jullie een poging wagen om de vragen te beantwoorden.

Answer These Questions About Me.

1: Where you and I met? Have we met?
2: Take a stab at my middle name?
3: How long have you known me?
4: The last time we saw each other?
5: Would I ever go skydiving?
6: Your first impression of me upon meeting/seeing me?
7: Am I funny?
8: What's my favorite music?
9: What do I want to do more than anything?
10: What is the one thing you think I should do?
11: Do I have any special talents? If so, what are they?
12: Would you call me preppy, classic, average, sporty, punk, hippie, glam, nerdy, snobby, or something else(what)?
13: Have you ever hugged me?
14: My favorite food?
15: If there was one good nickname for me, what would it be?
16: Your favorite memory of me?
17: If you and I were stranded on an island, what would I bring?
18: Who's my best friend?
19: What is your overall impression of me?
20: Where do you think I will be in 10 years?
21: Will you re-post this so I can fill this out for you?

2 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

zal er een keertje "goed" voor gaan zitten, wat een hoop vragen, wel leuk idee!! heb het momenteel een beetje druk met voorbereidingen verjaardag isabel. tot donderdagavond

Petra zei

1.You and I met eachother atyour home-address at Germenzeel, where I had my first scrap-lesson.
2. Your middle name is M A R I A??
3. I have known you for almost 5 years (September 2003 we first met).
4. The last time we saw eachother was 4 weeks ago (Thursdayevening, scraplesson).
5. No, I don't think you would ever go skydiving, never know....
6. My first impression of you upon meeting/seeing you was your big smile and you very nice scrapartwork.
7. Sometimes you are funny.
8. Your favorite music is IL DIVO and Marco Borsato.
9. You like to go on holidays, especially Egypt, Mexico and Maroc.
10. I think the one thing you should do is to do crochet (bloemetjes haken, haha....)
11. Yes, you have a special talent. You are a very kind "auntie" for Michael, Sanne and Jelle. And you are very creative.
12. I would call you a cheery (goedlachs) person.
13. No, I never hugged you.
14. Your favorite food: Tapas and Mexican.
15. One good nickname for you would be Scrapladieke and auntie Miriammeke....
16. My favourite memory of you is that we had a Disney workshop in Eindhoven a couple of years ago.
17. If we were stranded on an island, you would bring your scrapmaterials, some drinks and food.
18. Your best friend is Hanneke and your mother Marjolein.
19. My overall impression of you is that you are a nice warm smiley person.
20. In 10 years from now, I think you will be living in your own house (without your parents) and have some animals (because you love them very much).
21.Yes, I will repost this, so you can fill this out for me.

Puh puh, it takes 30 minutes to fill this in for you. It was nice to do, see you soon, bye bye